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Stop the presses! [Aug. 13th, 2006|04:55 pm]
Mutant Registration Act Passes

By Trish Tilby - Staff Writer

Today marks the beginning of the Mutant Registration Act going into effect. The Act proposed and supported by Senator Kelley requires all mutants to register both their powers and identities to the government for public documentation, or risk fines or incarceration for failure to register. Worthington Technologies is working on a new Sentinel Program to better enforce the Mutant Registration Act and mutants that fail to comply.

"The Mutant Registration Act is necessary to help protect the every day citizen and government from the dangers some mutants pose to America," stated by the Super heroine, Carol Danvers (Ms Marvel) at a public address in Washington DC. "Every mutant has a responsibility to their fellow man to work with us by Registering, for all of America."

The Mutant Registration Act was originally proposed by Senator Kelley was passed, despite many mutants and supporters opposing the Registration Act. The vote was not a unanimous decision, yet a majority of the Senate voted to accept the Registration Act after many passionate speeches from Senator Kelley and the mutants and super heros that supported the Act, Ms. Marvel among them. "There are too many dangers and unknown powers from all over the country that can put us at risk, and every American deserves the right to know who these people are and what they can do," Was quoted Senator Kelley.

The Act requires mutants fully register themselves and their powers, and places restrictions on the their jobs and positions as public knowledge, especially those who presently work in government regulated positions such as teachers or other positions that expose them to large amounts of the public. The mutants that fail to register or are caught committing any crimes will be severely punished with large fines or jail time. Senator Kelley was quick to gain the support of Worthington Technologies to create a method to better police the more dangerous mutants, and protect the every day citizen, which Worthington Technologies announced as the Sentinel Program.

Presently very little information has been revealed about what the Sentinel Program is or entails, Senator Kelly promises this will help protect people and pacify dangerous mutants, particularly those who feel they are above the law and pose a threat. Senator Kelley pointed out that mutants such as Magneto and his Brotherhood of mutants, and even the X-Men are particularly dangerous as normal methods of policing such mutants can not be utilized without great risks to police or military personnel. Worthington Technologies promises to find a new method to police mutants without risking lives.

With the official date requiring Mutants to register at their local governments, it remains to be seen how many will actually Register of their own volition. Enforcement of the Registering will begin to take place for known mutants within the next few weeks for those who fail to volunteer. It also remains to be seen what steps will be taken if these methods of enforcement fail, only that it will entail the Sentinel Program. It has not been announced when citizens will gain access to the files and identities of mutants who work in public positions will be available, but Senator Kelley assures that this information will be released and made public for general safety and knowledge.

((I couldn't wait any longer, I'm too anxious and patience isn't a virtue I possess.))